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Everything Is Stories

Apr 19, 2018

A story of a runaway, sexual identity, and survival in the wake of loss.

Part one of this two-part episode follows Jerry Torre - well known for his appearance in the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. As a child he ran from his home in Brooklyn and began working as a gardener for the wealthy in East Hampton, NY. While there he stumbles upon the now-famous Grey Gardens property and begins regularly staying with the Beales, helping maintain the property and becoming friends with the two women.   At the same time he begins to discover his own sexuality, traveling back to the Manhattan and immersing himself in the gay community at various bath houses and late night clubs.

Following the passing of the Edith Beale, Jerry is given an opportunity to travel overseas - becoming the gardener for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.

Produced by Bart Barshaw, Paulus Van Horn, Daniel Navetta, Garrett Crowe, Tyler Wray, and Mike Martinez

Music by Total Control, Dan Svizeny, and Cocoa Leaf.